UPDATE of Dec 20th 2011 : This extension is not working due to changes made on Google+ pages.
If you, hacker, wish to grab the code and bring this extension back to life, I will be delighted to share.

Since I have been invited into Google's approach to social (Google+, not to name it) I have seen a piece of paper circulating with a list of very handy tips on how to use Google+.

Among the Google+ 'hidden' features, you can find rich text editing (RTE) by which you can style your post, adding bold, italic or strikethrough to your text.

I found this helpfull, but what if we could make this more simple, for instance adding buttons to the page to do such thing, for people like me, who are not geeks ?

Of course if I was a Googler, not very busy doing something else, I would have implemented such thing (if Vic Gundotra is OK with it !).

Unfortunately, I am not (btw I can assure you that I have tried to be one of them ;) [UPDATE 2011/12/20 I luckily have briefly been one of them, as intern]), but I can still have access to Google+'s code, on the behalf of any user who installs what I am presenting here : a chrome extension that lets you edit your post the same way you would in any text editor !

Here is how it works ?
1. Download the extension here,
2. Go to your Google+ page,
3. Enjoy your new post editor !