I have been using an Android device for a couple of weeks, essentially reading RSS feeds and playing Angry Bird :)

Also, one of the things I do a lot is sending myself (through Gmail chat or email) links to sites I want to browse from my mobile device.

I find this process tedious, since it requires me to open my email app on Android and then click the link.
Maybe I am stupid in doing it this way :( ...

Anyway, I thought it would be helpful if I could just click a button snap a qr code with the link to the current page I am viewing and access it.

Well, I wrote a couple of lines of codes to build a Chrome extension that does that :

1 - Clic the icon
2 - Scan the Qr code
3 - Continue your browsing experience on your mobile device !

I hope it will be for you as useful as it is for me ...
I would appreciate any feedback.